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Michael Ouellette

Michael Ouellette construction manager

Michael has 40 yrs experience in construction and property development.


He has owned construction-related companies from real estate development (buying/selling the properties he works on) to construction development (commercial/residential from new construction to remodelling) as well as property maintenance (janitorial, maintenance, plowing, etc). 


From houses to hotels, remodels to new construction, owner-occupied homes to investment developments, Michael's company - True Vision Property Development - offers turnkey solutions handling all aspects of a project from foundation to finish, dream to reality. 

Michael is both owner and operator. He actually likes to wear a pouch (tool belt).


Michael is strategic in design and very tactical when it comes to getting the work done to the satisfaction of his clients.

Some of Michael's larger projects include:


  • Remodelled all four penthouses of the Prudential Building.

  • Remodelled 220 units for Avalon 

  • Maintenance of 88 buildings for Verizon

  • Too many custom homes to count - historic to modern

Most recent work:


  • Michael recently managed a crew of 42 guys who worked within an hour radius of Beverly MA on multiple projects.

Most recent investment project:


  • Michael built 29 3BR condos in 2 yrs which sold for $5-600K each = $30M gross sales. Investor made $6-7M/yr profit.

kitchen remodel
true vision clients

Michael and his team deliver extensive and precise remodels of historic and modern homes on time and on budget. He brings a wealth of calm experience that makes the entire process stress free.

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